Kurt Cobain Woulda Been 45 Today

It’s probably a good thing he died when he did. For his musical legacy! Not for the people that cared about him. And also good for Dave Grohl’s career.

Still, it’s weird to think about Kurt Cobain as a 45-year-old. Everyone sort of just assumes that he would have eventually sucked musically, but Grohl is proof that in fact, the opposite is more interesting to think of.

What if Cobain and Nirvana had been putting out really solid records for the last twenty years? Would we have grown bored with them and take them for granted like we do with other consistently good bands? How would they have fared in the transition to the Mp3-era? Would they be more like Metallica or Radiohead?

So many questions.

Also: Flavorwire put together a great gallery of happy Kurt Cobain photos.

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