Links: A New Xbox, Joss Whedon Talks ‘The Avengers’, Cooking Onions, and More!

Another round of cleaning out the tab attic. Where to begin?

1. Joss Whedon sits down with Wired to talk about his new movie coming out today. You might have heard of it — The Avengers? Anyway, it’s a wide-ranging interview touching on Joss’ love for writing and language, comic books, and what went wrong with Dollhouse.

2. Tom Scocca asks: Why do recipe writers lie and lie and lie about how long it takes to caramelize onions? The short answer is it always takes roughly 45 minutes to properly caramelize onions, not the five to ten minutes every recipe claims.

3. The latest terrible rumor floating around is that Hulu will soon require a cable subscription to watch shows on the streaming service. One has to wonder how much Comcast’s purchase of NBC put this wheel into motion, if true.

4. I’m ridiculously excited for the new Apollo Ghosts‘ album, Landmark, which comes out May 8. You can stream the whole thing here and watch the video for the first single below. As far as I’m concerned, the Vancouver band has released two of the best albums in the last five or so years.

5. Well, this is a shame. HBO has decided to not go-ahead with turning Jonathan Franzen’s ‘The Corrections’ into its next great family drama. Despite a cast featuring Chris Cooper, Dianne Wiest, Ewan McGregor, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rhys Ifans and Greta Gerwig. It might have been a difficult series, but certainly they could have made a fantastic mini-series with the book, much like they did with Richard Russo’s Empire Falls?

6. Netlifx might be in more trouble than people think, at least according to Forbes: “So creating and maintaining a content library is about to get more expensive, at a time when Netflix is already spending heavily. Technology costs were the biggest factor in Netflix’s latest operating loss. Higher licensing fees also played a substantial role. Together, they turned Netflix’s year-ago quarterly operating profit of $102.2 million into a $1.93 million loss.”

7. Barnes and Noble is adding NFC (near field communication) to its lineup of Nooks. This comes on the heels of their partnership announcement with Microsoft and the news that Nooks will be backlit for reading at night. Overall, I’ve always been fairly impressed with Barnes and Nobles’ Nook lineup.

8. Microsoft is releasing a version of the Xbox that comes with Kinect for $99 aimed at competing with Apple TV, Boxee and Roku, etc. Sounds great! Except that the new Xbox is the same gaming console as always and that $99 upfront price will end up costing you a two-year contract at $15 per month. Which means instead of paying $299 for an Xbox plus $120 for a Kinect, you end up spending a little more after two years. What would have been great is if Microsoft actually released an Apple TV competitor based on the Xbox that truly does cost $99. At this point, the Xbox should just be a device that connect to the internet for online gaming and streaming tv and movies, etc., right?

9. Anil Dash delves into Popchips’ racist promo with Ashton Kutcher, gets linked to by TMZ and within hours receives emailed death threats. Stay classy, TMZ readers.

10. The Verge’s Paul Miller announced he was leaving the Internet for a year. Probably because he’s planning on writing a book. It’s totally gimmicky and the responses to his announcement have been appropriately snide.

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