Marilyn Manson & Johnny Depp Cover “You’re So Vain”

This cover of the Carly Simon classic “You’re So Vain” by Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp is a bonus track on Manson’s forthcoming, album Born Villain. Before listening to the song, I was going to write that Carly Simon killed herself just so she could roll over in her grave, but actually, the tune itself isn’t awful. It’s by no means good, but it’s also not causing Simon to go jump off a ledge.

Anyway, stranger things have existed in the pop culture lexicon, but this is still a head-scratcher. Is Manson a fan of Carly Simon? Do Manson and Depp hang out when they’re in the same area? So many questions, least of all WHO THE HELL IS THIS GODDAMN SONG ABOUT, huh, Carly Simon? Why won’t you just TELL US.

(btw, our money is on James Taylor, despite claims that it’s not)

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