Morning Links: The Simpsons Live in Springfield, Ore. and More

Time to clean up the tab attic a bit with some of the interesting tidbits found around the web.

1. Matt Groening, “The Simpsons” creator and Portland native, tells Smithsonian magazine that he named the famous fictional city after a city in Oregon. Thus ends a decades long debate about where Springfield was actually located. Not entirely surprising, given many of the character names on the show are derived from streets in Portland. [via]

2. Jon Stewart and The Daily Show did a tech-twofer last night taking the piss out of Google’s silly augmented glasses and Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram.

3. Randeep Katari does a “quick little doodle every morning as a warm up for a day of drawing” by adding cartoon characters to photos of New York. This might be my favorite new art thing and really makes me wish someone would make another Cool World-esque movie soon.

4. HBO has shockingly decided to renew Game of Thrones for a third season. They should have just announced they were going to renew the show in perpetuity.

5. Gawker’s Adrian Chen uncovers the mystery of Goatse: “One thing gives me pause about Kirk Johnson’s identity as Goatse. The Goatse picture is some dark Lovecraftian horror, a hurried snapshot of a secret shame. But Kirk Johnson poses with his face and dopey mustache in full view in proud, well-lit space.”

I love that Chen has become a sort of Internet investigative journalist.

6. CNN interviews Dr. Dog, which strikes me as kind of strange. At the same time, it’s nice to see those guys get the recognition and accolades they so richly deserve. Their new album, Be the Void is very, very, excellent.

7. The Barkley Marathon has become something of a fascination for me. Held every year in Tennessee’s Frozen Head State Park, the ultramarathon has become revered for how difficult it is. Since the race was created in 1986 by Lazarus Lake, only 12 men (out of about 900) have finished within the 60 hour cutoff — that’s the same amount of people that have walked on the moon.

Calling The Barkley Marathon the toughest endurance race on the planet is an understatement.

Anyway, photographer Geoffrey Baker has a great series of before and after portraits of the 2012 participants and a great photo series of the race itself.

8. This should be fun! Gawker has hired an anonymous Fox News employee to write columns for the site.

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