Of Monsters and Men, “Little Talks”

Iceland’s Of Monsters and Men have put out a debut album that’s reminiscent of Arcade Fire or other ebullient chamber pop bands. I haven’t been able to stop listening to it for the last week or so. It’s just been on a constant loop and I’ve yet to get sick of it.

“Little Talks” is the obvious radio single, but it’s far from the album’s best track. You can check out the official video here, but I adore this live version simply because the trumpet solo is astounding. Still, you get a good idea for the band’s swooning boy-girl harmonies and bouncing melodies.

The band is currently touring the United States and by the looks of the numerous sold out shows or other shows moved to larger venues to accommodate the demand, it seems like all is well. Am I just seriously late to the Of Monsters and Men party?

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