‘Rolling Words’ is Snoop Dogg’s Smokable Songbook

Rolling Words‘ is a smokable songbook containing Snoop Dogg’s best songs and lyrics, written in a non-toxic ink. Each page of the book is perforated and can be turned into a rolling paper to use in your weed smoking habits. The cover, binding, and internal lining of the book are made from hemp seed paper while the spine serves as a match-striking surface.

The entire thing is really just a promotion for Snoop’s new line of branded kingsize slim rolling papers. It makes us wonder, though, how in the hell has Snoop Dogg not had his own line of rolling papers until now? See more photos of the book over at The Dieline.

And yes, for whatever reason, I really, really, want to own this. Mostly for the novelty of it.

Related: There’s a cookbook that you can turn into a lasagna and eat. If we find one more multi-use book that makes a trend ladies and gentlemen.

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