The Ruffled Feathers, “Canals of Suzhou” (Green Couch Session)

Vancouver’s Ruffled Feathers, whom I’ve written plenty about before, have a debut album coming out in April. The band has slowly been releasing two song per week from the album for free leading up to the album’s release. Not only that, but they’ve also been including artwork, little stories, an a slew of extra goodies.

Anyway, you should buy the album when it comes out, because it’s that good. It’s like old-timey French jazz mixed up with a subdued chamber pop. The gang recently recorded the song “Canals of Suzhou” at the Vancouver Art Museum, which is one of their new songs.

The Ruffled Feathers are the kind of band you listen to when you want to feel better about the world. Their music is just that delightful.

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