Titus Andronicus, “In a Big City”

I’m fairly certain that Titus Andronicus’ new album, “Local Business“, will be the only record I listen to from now until the end of the year. From Pitchfork:

Check out the clip, directed by Isaac Ravishankara, below, via Grantland. It features frontman Patrick Stickles singing along to the song while wandering meditatively past parks, trains, suburban streets, and packs of young people in New Jersey, closing with a silhouetted shot of Stickles staring at a skyline full of possibility.

In the spirit of their new record, Titus have also launched quite an innovative new hub on their website, which collects Tweets with the hashtag #LOCALBUSINESSFOREVER and essentially maps a fan-generated guide to the best local businesses in America. That is some impressive Direction Action to a healthier economy, Titus.

Indeed. This might be the best rock band on the planet right now.

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