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Time to clean out some tabs. Hope you find something interesting.

1. One of the worst massacres in mountaineering history took place this summer in Pakistan: “Several of the climbers pleaded, “I am not American! I am not American!,” to no avail. In the midst of the carnage, one of the few survivors heard an assassin proclaim, “Today, these people are revenge for Osama bin Laden.” Yet only one of the victims was an American citizen, and he was Chinese-born. Two others were Chinese, three were Ukrainians, two Slovaks, one Lithuanian, and one a Sherpa from Nepal. The cook was a Pakistani. In all, 11 people were killed.”

2. Yes, you will probably fail this 1912 school test from Bullitt County, Kentucky. The only question I have is how did we (American education system as a whole) and in particular, Kentucky, get from there to the present state?

3. Holy shit! “Two researchers have demonstrated an internal tagging technique for 3D-printed objects that could be used for tracking inventory or to encode information into custom accessories.”

4. A Brief History Of Modern Architecture Through Movies

singingtree5. The Singing Ringing Tree is a sculpture by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu. It sits on a hillside in the Pennine mountain range overlooking Burnley, in Lancashire, England, and as wind moves through the steel tubes it produces a strange effect. The sculpture was completed in 2006 and resembles something you would see in a futuristic sci-fi movie. [via]

6. Love this idea by Sierra Nevada Brewery. They are partnering with 11 other breweries to release specialty variety 12-packs. The initial of list of breweries is staggering: Allagash, Ballast Point, Bells, Cigar City, Firestone Walker, New Glarus, Ninkasi, Oskar Blues, Russian River, Three Floyds, and Victory. Can’t wait to snatch a few of these up. Here’s to hoping they partner with more breweries or that, say, Dogfish Head and Sam Adams takes a page out of Sierra Nevada’s playbook.

7. I think this essay on the “Cosmology of Serialized Television” is over-thinking things a bit, but it’s a great read for people that love the process of story-telling and television.

8. I’m really digging two recent posts by The Altantic’s Alexis Madrigal. The first, wherein he puts forth an interesting idea for the future of car ownership: one buys a small, fuel efficient car and then has access to a car subscription service for those times when an SUV or truck is needed.

The other is an exhaustive look at mobile phone email signatures.

9. Two more stories (here and here) to add to the growing collection on the future of television distribution.

10. 100% nails it.

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