Tegan and Sara and Taylor, “Closer”

This was not part of the VMAs last night, but it probably should’ve been. Taylor Swift brought Tegan and Sara to her Los Angeles concert last week to perform T&S’s song “Closer.”

My thought process while watching this: what the hell is this? This makes no sense, omg I love this song, why aren’t Tegan and Sara more popular, holy shit with Taylor Swift repping them they would sell a bajillion copies of this record, which is a damn fine pop record, I still can’t process this, was Tegan and Sara just as confused when Taylor proposed this collab to them, how did this even happen?, omg I want to be jumping up and down with 15,000 Taylor Swift fans singing this song.

Yes, my hunch was correct that “Closer” is a baller of a pop anthem that deserves to be sung with 15,000 of your closest friends while jumping up and down drunk. [via uproxx]

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