Twitter Music is a Thing That Now Exists

twittermusictabsSo, Twitter launched a music service that lets users, gulp, find music that’s popular on Twitter and music based on the bands you follow, according to Joanna Stern.

To listen to songs from the new app, Twitter has integrated with Rdio, Spotify and iTunes. The caveat is with iTunes, you will only hear a preview of the song, but Rdio and Spotify users can log in with their accounts to hear the full tracks. Twitter says it will continue to work to add additional music providers to the app.

So, it’s a music discovery service that requires you to sign up for additional music services to have any benefit? To be sure, I’m ideally Twitter’s target audience for this app. I spend all day on Twitter and try to convince my skeptical friends of Twitter’s worth. I’m a voracious audiophile who might be considered a taste-maker by my friends, since I’m the one who’s always like, “ZOMG, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS.”

And yet. I don’t get what the value add of this new service is. While finding new music is important, I’m not really sure what Twitter brings to the table for either users of Twitter or music fans that they don’t already have?

Gizmodo’s Brian Barrett is trying to stay positive too: “At the very least it’s another music discovery option, and more options are rarely a bad thing,” he wrote.

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