G. Love and Special Sauce, “Nothing Quite Like Home”

It should come as no surprise that I’m a fairly big G. Love fan. After his first few solid albums with his backing band, Special Sauce, in tow, he went through a bit of a creative lull starting with 2001’s ‘Electric Mile’. He landed on Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records, a good home for him — even if ironically it was G. Love that discovered Jack Johnson and gave him his first music break recording “Rodeo Clowns” on ‘Philadelphonic’. The albums afterward were good — a few great songs mixed with a lot of filler.

But, it feels like G. Love is going through a bit of a creative renaissance. His last album, ‘Fixing to Die’, was quite good. He dialed his sound down and focused just on the country-tinged influences and it helped that not only was the album a mix of originals and covers but it was also produced by the Avett Brothers. G. Love’s probably musically has always been focus. He clearly loves most musical genres and infuses his songs with a sometimes sloppy combination of them all at once — unlike, say, Beck who knows how to focus his sound for each album.

Anyway, his new album is ‘Sugar’. First track is a banging take on the delta blues. It features the original Special Sauce lineup, upright bassist James “Jimi Jazz” Prescott and drummer Jeffrey “The Houseman” Clemens, in eight years. The group’s upcoming 20th anniversary tour will include a complete performance of the group’s first self-titled album, ‘G. Love and Special Sauce’, during the first set of the group’s shows. A complete list of tour dates and album preorder information are available on the group’s website.

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