A press release from drug dealers to the Guh-va-natah!

This is the strangest and most ludicrous thing that’s been passed along to us in quite some time. Not even sure what to say, except to laugh and say, riiiiight. Like Arnold would ever agree to this. Gotta love the lunacy of drug dealers though where they propose to give the State of California $1 billion dollars to help the government out of debt.

?It is ridiculous that California can?t pay its bills,? said spokesman Clifford Schaffer. ?It is a tragedy that they will cut badly needed services and programs such as medical care for the elderly and prison drug treatment when the money to fund all these programs and more is there and available. Everyone who is currently waiting for a check from the state should be enraged at this foolishness.?

Regulation and taxation of marijuana could produce six billion dollars in additional tax revenue, according to economic studies linked from their web site LetUsPayTaxes.com. In addition, it could save up to ten billion dollars in enforcement costs. ?That is a conservative estimate,? said Schaffer. ?By other estimates, the revenues could be five times that. The economists are with us all the way on this one. Marijuana prohibition is an economic disaster.?

Look, I’d be the first to say that the government should get into the marijuana business, or at least privatize it like tobacco and alcohol. That way at least the profiteers would be big corporations, that would hopefully employ Americans. Limit where you can smoke dope, like cigarettes, essentially confining it to private homes. Yes, you would face the same problems as drunk drivers, but at least you’re taking a valuable asset out of the hands of criminals and gangs.

I’d like to see a poltician seriously push this issue, just to see how much traction it would gather. Marijuana use is pretty much accepted, since the hippie generation, a lot anyway, still smoke and the subsequent generations don’t really see marijuana as a big deal. Most people in my generation view marijuana as nothing more harmful than tobacco or alcohol.

I don’t think this would ever happen in my lifetime, but it would certainly help fund lots of states and towns in dire budget crisises.

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