A quick update

Hey what’s up everyone?? So you might notice over your morning cup of caffeine juice that on Monday we didn’t have any stories posted until the late evening.? We’re trying to get some stuff sorted out, i.e. we started a new job and so the website will have to be a nighttime side job for a little bit until we can get stuff sorted out on our end.

So fear not, we’ll be writing away at night, doing the same things, hopefully though we’ll be a day ahead of the curve … though it shouldn’t surprise you if we’re just a day behind.? Sad face emoticon.

Either way we hope you keep on reading, keep on commenting, keep on spreading the sly (hmmm…. I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere but I just can’t think of it) and let us know if you like/hate what we’re doing.


The Sly Oyster Staff

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