Apropos of nothing

But I found these two unrelated articles immensely interesting.? The first is an interview with author J.K. Rowling.

Beware SPOILERS if you haven’t finished the final Harry Potter book.? I finished it this morning, and as much as I loved the final scene, thought it was quite perfect really, it was comforting to get some more information about our favorite characters.

And this one has to do with technology.? It’s about a compressed air car and how it may just help the environment.? What really makes the argument is the author’s assessment that for most things in life we no longer rely on 150 year-old technology.? We don’t use candles to light homes and we don’t use blocks of ice to keep our food cold.? But we still use the same automotive energy technology we used for the first cars.? Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

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