Coincidence? 10,000 year old mammoth discovered

(Via MSNBC) A 10,000 year old baby mammoth was discovered in the Siberian permafrost. It was discovered in May by a reindeer hunter and scientists are saying this is a very well preserved carcass.

?The mammoth is an animal that you look at, and you see that there is an entire epoch behind it, a huge time period when climate was changing,? he said in comments broadcast last week.

?And of course when we talk about climate change, we must use the knowledge that we will get from them (mammoths).?

Scientists believe mammoths lived from 4.8 million years ago to around 4,000 years ago.

Studies suggest climate change or overkill by human hunters as possible reasons leading to their extinction.

Tikhonov said the mammoth would be sent to an institute in Japan for further study.

Gotta love how things work out sometimes.

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