Earth 2

Paging Antonio Sabato Jr. Paging Mr. Sabato to the launching pad. Seems scientists have discovered a planet remarkably similar to the good ole Earth. Which couldn’t come at a better time since the one we’re living on is crappy the bed like a used car. Unfortunately, the planet is 20 light years away, for you “non-science” folk that’s a really really really long time. Actually I have no idea how far away that is.

According to the UK Daily News:

We don’t yet know much about this planet, but scientists believe that it may be the best candidate so far for supporting extraterrestrial life.

The new planet, which orbits a small, red star called Gliese 581, is about one-and-a-half times the diameter of the Earth.

It probably has a substantial atmosphere and may be covered with large amounts of water – necessary for life to evolve – and, most importantly, temperatures are very similar to those on our world.

Dang, that’s crazy. The scientists believe that the planet revolves around it’s sun in only 13 days and has a mass five times that of our current home. Which means, if I grew up on the new planet, I’d weigh 750 lbs. and be aproximately 760 years old. Whew.

Anyway, if you’re a science dork like me or just interested in the possibility of aliens head over to read the full article. It’s an awesome read. But check out what those astrophysicists think a view from the beach would look like.

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