Everyone’s got AIDS!

Well, not everyone. But it’s no secret that Africa has the highest number of people living with HIV or suffering from AIDS. Now Gambia’s president, Yahya Jammeh, has openly admitted he has discovered a cure for AIDS, which consists of an herbal green paste, bananas and some sort of bitter drink.

That sound you hear is the sound of skeptical eyebrows being raised in all corners of the world, but mostly at the World Health Organization.

?Whatever you do, there are bound to be skeptics, but I can tell you my method is foolproof,? President Yahya Jammeh told an Associated Press reporter, surrounded by bodyguards in his presidential compound. ?Mine is not an argument, mine is a proof. It?s a declaration. I can cure AIDS and I will.?

The cure is free of charge to Gambians, but it requires them to stop taking their anti-viral medications – a move which would seriously jeopardize their already weakened immune systems.

And this from the World Health Organization’s Dr. Antonio Filipe Jr.:

WHO?s Filipe was diplomatic about Jammeh?s claims, saying his organization respects the president?s point of view. But, he added: ?As the World Health Organization, we would like to state quite clearly the following ? No. 1: so far there is no cure for AIDS.?

It’s understandable that the Gambian president would want to provide hope to his countrymen when so often there is very little. This pandemic should be considered a genocide. Sure the deaths of millions are not being sanctioned by governments, not like they are in the Sudan, but it’s evident that scientists have the ability to stem the tide of AIDS and HIV and at the very least educate people to curb the spread of this disease.

After all, it shouldn’t just be Magic Johnson who gets to prolong his life. Even if he is one of the top 5 NBA players of all-time. Okay, so maybe that’s a good excuse as any. But shouldn’t people in Africa have that same opportunity? And I’m not going out on a limb by saying the cure isn’t going to come from a green herbal paste and bananas.

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