Great quote from Ichiro

Though we don’t generally talk sports over here we want to mention two things. There are more important things to discuss today. Afterall did you see last night’s “Lost?” Holy freaking cow! What an ending. Just when we think we know Juliet they just add more confusion to the matter. Hopefully this Juliet infiltrating the Castaways camp will be over in next weeks episode when Ben comes back. What’s the endgame? My guess is Juliet is the father of Sun’s baby?

Anyway, a couple of local sports stories. Drew Bledsoe, the longtime NE quarterback and the man who took the snaps before the golden boy himself, has decided to call it a career. From the sounds of his announcement it seems Mr. Bledsoe is walking away for good. We’d like to thank him for reviving our moribund franchise, along with Bill Parcells and owner Robert Kraft. To you we say good luck and salud!

And if you didn’t hear, Dice-K had his first start at Fenway Park last night. Everyone was there to hype the heavyweight fight between Dice-K and Ichiro, but they all forgot about “King” Felix Hernandez. The 21-year-old threw a masterfull one-hitter last night. Got to love Ichiro’s quote about facing Dice-K.

“I hope he arouses the fire that’s dormant in the innermost recesses of my soul,” Ichiro said, in a quote from the Seattle Times on Tuesday. “I plan to face him with the zeal of a challenger.”

Take that! Ichiro went 0-4 against Dice-K, including a strikeout. Look’s like the fire’s a little to innermost and he might want some more zeal.

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