‘Heroes’ star trying to be just that

So you’ve got a news story below that is essentially a look at Japanese fishermen slaughtering dolphins. The news piece is questionable in it’s objectivity, since the reporter has already decided ahead of time that slaughtering dolphins is not a-okay. I’m not sure how I feel about it, because after all there’s such a weird double standard when it comes to which animals are acceptable for slaughter.

It kind of irks me that it’s okay to kill pigs, cows and chickens but it’s not okay to kill dogs in China or dolphins in Japan. Honestly, it makes me think of that scene in Pulp Fiction where Jules discusses the only difference in which animals are okay to slaughter have to do with how we perceive their personalities. Dolphins are intelligent and cute so it’s not okay to kill them. Tuna fish are sort of whatevs, so we slaughter the shit out of them for sandwiches.

I’m by no means an animal activist. In fact PETA would probably not allow me to join their fun club, however, I do recognize that a double standard exists and maybe we should try to apply one standard across the board. All animals or no animals at all. Just a thought. Though slaughtered pig is pretty tasty.

The other thing that irks me about this news piece is the way Heroes star Hayden Panettiere just sort of shows up as one of the animal activists. OMG! what’s she doing there? It sort of smacks as a publicity stunt, albeit a crazy one at that. Who knows, I suppose if I were younger and less jaded and filthy rich from a lifetime of acting gigs I’d engage in some serious social protest.

Ah, who am I kidding. I’d probably spend all my money on booze and women and end up like Charlie Sheen.

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