Mess Media Muses on Megalomaniac Mahmoud

We’ve seen some small, incremental changes since the aftermath of 9/11, now accelerating as the unpopularity of the war increases, nevertheless the media continues to drink the Bush Kool-Aid. Even here, in ?super liberal? Portland. The Gorgonian, an organ of the News Corporation, recently fulminated on last weekend’s speech by Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at Columbia University.

Conservative columnist David Reinhard, who believes in the free market, is, evidently, not so sanguine about the marketplace of ideas. On Thursday, he said, ?History will not be kind to the morally confused Columbia leaders who gave evil a forum in the name of free speech.?


Apparently, Reinhard believes all that is needed for naive American students to begin blindly following ?petty dictators,? is to hear their evil policies elucidated in a speech. Then again, given the speeches in the last six years from Bush and Cheney, he may have a point. But seriously, folks, does he really think that the students who heard Ahmadinejad speak suddenly became Holocaust deniers? That they will now be committed to the destruction of Israel? They clearly were not quite so credulous. The entire audience laughed in derision when Ahmadinejad claimed that there were no homosexuals in Iran.

Although, not everything he said was equally ridiculous. The editorial printed on Sept. 26 was fascinating. “What’s breathtaking is [Ahmadinejad’s] presumption to speak for the rest of the world while ignoring the irrationality of his own government’s policies.” Isn’t this precisely the way the rest of the world (and, frankly, most of the U.S.) feels about Bush? “Ahmadinejad had harsh words about America’s arrogance, disrespect for other cultures and heavy-handed foreign policy.” Are you sure he isn’t running in the Democratic primary?

What’s funny is how alike he and Bush are. They live on the same planet. The “If You Say Something Didn’t Happen, It Didn’t, and Facts Be Damned Planet”. Bush says tax cuts for the rich actually help the poor, there is no such thing as global warming, and things are improving in Iraq. Ahmadinejad says the Holocaust never happened, he has no interest in acquiring nuclear bombs, and there is no homosexuality in Iran.

OMG! Sounds to me like M ought to be W’s new BFF. Take the jump for Ahmadinejad’s Columbia University speech.

Thanks to Operation Mongoose for uploading the speech.

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