Microsoft Surface

Consider my mind blown. Take a spin of the Microsoft Surface, a table-top computer, that seems to be able to do everything. Watch the videos and freak out. The future is here and it’s all Bill Gate’s fault.

The project began way back in 2001 and was unveiled yesterday at The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital Conference in Carlsbad, CA. But what is it exactly?

Kind of hard to say, but it seems that Microsoft wants their digital table to become a virtual information gatherer. A 24-hour hotel concierge, or for restaurants to use them as not only dining tables, but as menus, sommeliers, etc. Home use would be for pictures, music, digital coffee table books? Who knows. From Microsoft:

Microsoft Surface puts people in control of their experiences with technology, making everyday tasks entertaining, enjoyable and efficient. Imagine ordering a beverage during a meal with just the tap of a finger. Imagine quickly browsing through music and dragging favorite songs onto a personal playlist by moving a finger across the screen. Imagine creating and sending a personal postcard of vacation pictures instantly to friends and family, while still wearing flip-flops.

Surface also features the ability to recognize physical objects that have identification tags similar to bar codes. This means that when a customer simply sets a wine glass on the surface of a table, a restaurant could provide them with information about the wine they?re ordering, pictures of the vineyard it came from and suggested food pairings tailored to that evening?s menu. The experience could become completely immersive, letting users access information on the wine-growing region and even look at recommended hotels and plan a trip without leaving the table.

That’s some scary shit.

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