Pitch in for Breast Cancer

It’s been October for many many days now and we’ve been sitting on this little bit of information for far too long.? Regular readers know about our passion for Breast Cancer awareness, research, outreach, and just down right support.? It’s a cause worth getting behind because everyone has women in their lives they care about.

The Breast Cancer Site has been giving away free mammograms based upon the number of visitors the site generates.? It’s not cynical to think that the advertisors on the site are trying to generate more people to look at their products, which in turns drives more profits to their companies.? Yeah, yeah I get that.

The truth is though, that many of these companies are giving away mammograms to women who need them.? That’s the bottom line.? Mammograms and early detection help saves lives, just like dear friend Donna Bashford.

So it doesn’t take much to forward this article along to friends and tell them to head here and click on the pretty pink box.? It’ll save a life and it takes nothing out of your day to do so.

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