President Bush hates kids

As my man KanYe would say, “President Bush hates black people kids.” How else to explain his vetoeing of the children’s health care expansion program that’s even left several high ranking republicans scratching their heads.

[Orrin] Hatch (R-Utah), a conservative, said he thought Bush was being unrealistic and had not come to grips with the fact that Democrats now run Congress.

“That’s great if they had done all the preliminary work, but they hadn’t done that at all. And to do good health-care bills, it takes years,” Hatch said in an interview.

Sort of like planning for a war. Mybe one in Iraq?

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  • big rob October 4, 2007, 9:10 pm

    41 days of the Iraqi war would pay for the whole program. Let’s here it for our priorities. (A congressional override of the veto looks tenuous at best.)