Public Service Academy needs your help

Over the past year we’ve become big supporters of the idea that is The U.S. Public Service Academy. But, to make this a reality Chris and Shawn need our help. They have to raise $25,000 by the end of the year to keep this idea alive and more importantly their initiatives.

I hate to admit this, but it’s nothing but an uphill battle for the guys, as they are an under-funded two man team with scant political help. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes money is the best thing you can give to help out a cause; especially because that seems so dirty in many ways.

Any donation will help, even if it’s a dollar or five – the price of a movie ticket, a beer, a new shirt. All these luxuries you could give up for a week to help make a real difference in this country for generations to come. Many times it seems that voting doesn’t make a difference and I wouldn’t argue with that helpless feeling, but right now you have the power to make a tangable difference, to help alter the course and direction this country is heading in.

To think that two men are trying with everything they have to bring an idea to life, to change the coarse of public service in this country, to make public service dignified and important again is a noble endeavor. They need our support and we should support them.

Head here to make a donation today.

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