R2-D2 Going Postal

Literally. How cool is this? To commerate the 30th anniversary for “Star Wars,” the USPS is dressing up 400 mailboxes across the country to look like everyone’s favorite droid. It’s for a new stamp that will be announced on March 28.

No word on if it’ll be a “Star Wars” stamp collection. We hope so cause I certainly want to get in on a Billy Dee Williams stamp. Though everyone though Han Solo was super cool, and Luke Skywalker was an awkward badass, everyone knows that Lando Calrissian and his Cloud City mining colony was where all the action was.

By the by this story got me to thinking about not only the “Star Wars” franchise, but also the anti-smoking commercial featuring a doped out R2-D2 and a dorky C3PO from the 80’s. And also, there was a Cantina “drunk driving” promo. Mostly because we don’t really have any awesome public service announcements any more.

Remember the Pee Wee Herman “don’t do crack” ad from back in the day? Stamps are cool, but public service announcements are even better.

PSAs after the jump.

And Pee Wee Herman!

Anyone got any ideas for current celebs or movies for a PSA?

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