RIP Norman Mailer, 84, Literary Icon

The American badboy literary icon, founder of the Village Voice and so much more passed away.? Read the obituary here.? Not like we didn’t see this one coming, but it’s a sad day for literary lovers everywhere.? Mailer was a giant, his shadow looms large.

His kidneys failed in the early morning, less than a month after he underwent surgery to remove scar tissue from his lungs, his family said.

Struggling to find his role at the fledgling paper, Mailer began his column four months later. “I will become an habitual assassin-and-lover columnist who will have something superficial or vicious or inaccurate to say about many of the things under the sun, and who knows but what some of the night,” he closed his first effort.

He described his time as an assassin-and-lover columnist for the Voice as being filled with marijuana, sexual conquests, and the bohemian counter-culture in Greenwich Village. “Drawing upon hash, lush, Harlem, Spanish wife, Marxist culture, three novels, victory, disaster, and draw, the General looked over his terrain and found it a fair one, the Village a seed-ground for the opinions of America, a crossroads between the small town and the mass media,” he later reflected in the introduction of his Village Voice columns in Advertisements for Myself. Four months later, however, he quit the paper??a move he attributed to typographical errors in his column.

Yup, that pretty much says it all.? Personally, I’ve only read one book by the man and it just happens to be one of my favorite books.? If you have a few days pick up American Dream.? That book will knock your socks off. ? Guess nows as good a time as any to dust of that unused copy of Naked and the Dead.?

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