Steps to establish Christianity as America’s official religion

I was thinking of ways to write more about this, but in the end I think the House Resolution 847, that was introduced to Congress on Dec. 6 by Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and passed overwhelming on Dec. 11 by a margin of 372 – 9 (50 absented), largely speaks for itself.

However, reading between the lines one might surmise that this bill, which is about recognizing Christmas’s importance to Americans, is actually the first step in establishing Christianity as America’s official state religion.

That the House of Representatives–

    (1) recognizes the Christian faith as one of the great religions of the world;

    (2) expresses continued support for Christians in the United States and worldwide;

    (3) acknowledges the international religious and historical importance of Christmas and the Christian faith;

    (4) acknowledges and supports the role played by Christians and Christianity in the founding of the United States and in the formation of the western civilization;

    (5) rejects bigotry and persecution directed against Christians, both in the United States and worldwide; and

    (6) expresses its deepest respect to American Christians and Christians throughout the world.

More than anything, it also sets up the dubious political machinations to force American policy into protecting Christians worldwide.? I’ve no issue with Christianity, but I do take issue with the utter lack of respect for the Founding Fathers’s ideal of a separation of church and state.

I guess that it was a permeable separation invisioned by Madison and Hamilton and not the hard separation invisioned by Jefferson that has become accepted.

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