Stop the Madness, People

A friend’s son is currently steaming his way to Afghanistan (you remember: the place where we actually were fighting terrorists and making military progress until we pulled out most of our troops to send to Iraq).? He’s Marine Forces Recon and is being deployed as part of a ten-man Airborne jump team.

His mom seems (outwardly) stoic, but all I can do is flashback on news footage of crashed helicopters. Or on the tragic waste of a life in the Pat Tillman incident.? Not that he wasted his life, but that the? command structure was so cavalier in its own carelessness and incompetence that it essentially threw him away as if he were garbage. And then pissed on the grave by lying and covering up to his family.

Over 70 percent of the country want the troops home.? We elected a bunch of? new people in ’06.? What more can we do to keep men like this from dying over there?? It’s not a rhetorical question:? what more must we do?? I don’t want this kid coming home in a bag so Bush can? look resolute.? What can we do?

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