Stop the madness

If this continues we’ll be voting for our President this November intead of next November. The shifting primary season is about to get even shiftier, with states trying to gain leverage by holding their voting primaries first.

It’s always been Iowa’s Caucus comes before all the primaries, New Hampshire with the first primary and then South Carolina holds the first primary in the South which is the jumping point for many Republican campaigns.

Nobody wants a 10-month general election, what people want is a dialogue to create change. What we want is to return democracy back to this country, not turn this country into a bloated horserace for rich people.

Katon Dawson, who heads the South Carolina GOP, made the shift to retain the distinction of holding the “first in the South” presidential primary balloting. Dawson’s move was sparked by the Florida legislature’s decision to upstage South Carolina by moving the state’s primary to Jan. 29. South Carolina had been scheduled to vote Feb. 2.

Under some scenarios, the decision could lead Iowa to hold its caucuses in mid-December, creating an unprecedented situation in which convention delegates are selected in the calendar year before a presidential election.

The move is certain to trigger action by New Hampshire Secretary of State William M. Gardner, who is compelled by state law to set the date of his state’s primary at least a week before any other. That could push New Hampshire’s primary, currently scheduled for Jan. 22, to Jan. 8.

In Iowa, state law requires presidential nominating caucuses to be held at least eight days before any other voting.

What’s wrong with being last, why not hold a primary in May or June or spread these out, what’s the point of holding them all in January or in some cases December of this year?

The madness has to stop.

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