That old joke about cats and Chinese food?

Maybe it’s not so much a joke. According to the UK’s Daily Mail the Three Birds’ Market in Guangzhou, China, officially described as a poultry market seems to be herding and selling cats and dogs. Pretty gruesome stuff. You can’t make this up.

Cages of dogs and cats – some of them bred as domestic pets – are piled high and when an animal is chosen for sale it is bludgeoned with an iron bar until it is close to death before, being handed over to the purchaser. Restaurant owners and middlemen buy them by the sack-load to use in tiger, phoenix and dragon soup – a delicacy actually consisting of cat, chicken and snake.

It got me thinking though about the American meat industry. How is this any different than how American companies treat cows, deers, chickens, et al. It really isn’t. So while reading the article I felt disgust, but then I started realizing maybe I shouldn’t eat meat unless it’s free range or whatever. I’d love to interview some people on this for more information. And not someone from PETA. Those cats are whacked. Literally.

I guess it’s like Sam Jackson says in Pulp Fiction, the only difference between a cow and a pig is a pig has personality. You know we feel for the dogs and cats being treated this way, since we’re used to them being our companions. Where’s the outrage for how cattle and other animals are being treated right here stateside?

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