The funniest story ever

So let’s pretend for a moment you are a six-year old boy and you are really really hungry.? Are you gonna wait for grandma to make you a sandwich or are you going to hijack grandma’s car and put the booster seat in the front and hightail it to Applebees?

If you said Applebees then that would make you a little boy from Broomfield, Colo. who tried to do just that.? Seriously.? No lie.? He made it about 75 before backing into a transformer and knocking out power to his neighborhood.

The best part of this story, other than trying to imagine him getting to the accelerator is this AP article, in which everyone seems so non-plussed about it.

“I have five children of my own, so I know you cannot watch them every minute they’re awake,” said nearby resident Nancy Hollis, whose power was knocked out by the accident.

Oh really Nancy Hollis!? How about I know how louzy grandma is as a babysitter.? I mean what if she didn’t have five children and she only had one?? What if little Johnny (his name wasn’t released but let’s be real he sounds like a little Johnny) … well anyway this will be something the whole family laughs about for years to come.

Just one more question.? Why Applebees?

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