The $mart Way to Vote

Are you confused as to how to vote on Measures 49 and 50 as an Oregon state voter? I have a foolproof method. Figure out which side is being promoted by big money. The ?No? people in this case are Big Development and Big Tobacco, respectively. They can be fairly relied upon to lie and distort to protect their corporate interests.

Ergo, a ?Yes? vote on each is in order. Measure 49 is regarding the use of property for development. Measure 50 concerns a tax on cigarettes.

Still concerned about ?property rights? in the case of 49? Here is an idea. Property rights: good. Property rights above all: not so good. If you want to know what you get when your state and county allow completely unrestricted development, take a close look at California and Florida.

Say goodbye to environmental concerns, community planning, public beaches and family farms and orchards. I grew up 20 miles from Santa Clara County in the Bay Area, which was home to some of the finest orchards in the nation. In the space of about fifteen years, development had ballooned so quickly that there was not a single commercial orchard left in the entire county, and commuter traffic was more congested than even San Francisco.

Don’t let them spend you into confusion. Vote ?Yes.? To quote Sledge, ?Trust me, I know what I’m doing.?

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