The mighty T Rex devolved into chickens. Go figure.

Do you think Darwin saw this one coming? The might T Rex, king of the dinosaurs, ruler of Pangea for 85 million years and terrorizer to Jurrasic Park, is….

wait for it…

wait for it…

wait for it..

A direct decendant of the chicken? How’s that for evolutionary irony. I could totally destroy a T Rex descendant. In fact I think I’m going to chow on one tonight for dinner. Make me feel like a man. Anyway, this is probably why Dr. Alan Grant wasn’t afraid of the T Rex, but was scared poopless over the Raptor. From The Australian:

Researchers established the link after discovering a small quantity of soft tissue that had been preserved in a 68 million-year-old bone. Chemical analysis of protein extracted from the fossil showed it to be collagen, the material that gives bone its structure and flexibility.

Further tests using mass spectrometry identified amino acids, which, when compared with those in modern animals, were found to be most closely related to those in chicken bones.

John Asara, of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical School in Boston, who led an amino acid sequencing study, said they did not have enough sequences to make a definitive link between the T rex and the chicken, but the sequences that they did obtain supported the theory.

Can you see the resemblance?



Not coincidentally, I had a college buddy, Kenny Gellman, who used to do this thing called the T Rex, where he would make a screaching noice and then bury his face into a piece of cake or some kind of food and eat it in one bite. Trust me, I wish there was You Tube back then or some video of this to put on You Tube.

MP3: T. Rex – “Jeepster”

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