The Morning Headlines

It feels like it’s been awhile.? Busy weekend.? We’re prepping the offices around here for an August move to Portland, OR.? It’ll be different than Boston, but we’re looking forward to it.? So without further ado, let’s play catch up and see what we missed out on over the weekend.

Pharoahe Monch will be releasing his first new album in almost a decade today.? Desire continues where Internal Affairs ended, which means the album is gonna straight kill.? Monch is one of the best MCs out there, so it’s nice to have him back.? P4K did a great interview with him leading up to the release of the album.

Chris Benoit, aka The Canadian Crippler, died over the weekend along with his wife and seven-year old son.? It was an apparant murder-suicide.? Details are mum, but authorities are saying when those details get released they’ll seem weird.? WWE owner Vince McMahon cancelled a show last night.? Fans everywhere thought it was another publicity stunt.

Paris Hilton got out of jail.? We’re obliged to let you know these things even as we wretched a bit.

– First Harry Potter gets an amusement park, now Charlie Dickens is getting his very own Victorian playground in London!

-? Spike Jonze is back behind the director’s chair.? He’s turned his sites upon the Maurice Sendak classic Where the Wild Things Are.? MTV got a first look at the film.? One word: awesome!

– Vice President Dick Cheney doesn’t play by the rules of government.? And the majority of Americans ask why that’s surprising.

– There’s a fine art to band t-shirts and this one from Wilco hit’s all the right notes.? Seems Wilco has some love for the Wii.

– Seems Joshua Jackson didn’t quite land the covetted role of Fletch.? Word comes that The Office’s John Krasinski is also up for the role.? He seems to be a slightly better fit than Pacey.

– Nice little interview with Transformers scribe Robert Orci.? Nice job for the fellas at Latino Review.

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