The Weekend Catch

Great weekend all around.? Glynnie from G.F.O.M. popped up for a few days, specifically to catch a Sox game.? Fortunately we were able to hop into The Middle East.? Originally, we were going to check out The Peasantry at Great Scott, but they cancelled.

Thanfully, the Middle East’s Saturday house band, Otis Grove, showed up.? They’ve got that jazz/jam band sound down.? Similar to Soulive.? All the hippie kids were up and dancing.? If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that Cambridge can dance.

Anyways, onto all the mollusks scraped from the bottom of the ocean.

Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month.? So, in honor of the Great Communicator it is hereby your patriotic duty to eat the creamy stuff all month.? Anyone have a favorite ice cream parlor?

– Good Morning America’s movie critic Joel Siegel passed away from cancer last Friday.? Didn’t care much for his reviews, but he always seemed like a good chap.? His friend Roger Ebert has written an excellent memorial.

– I think I smell a rat, yes, I think I smell a rat.? Pixar’s Ratatouille scared up the box office to the tune of $47.1 million. Not bad, not bad at all.

The Smashing Pumpkins new disc Zeitgeist is streaming over at Spinner, but if you’re savy enough it leaked this weekend.? Expect lots of Billy Corgan bombast.

– Happy Birthday Lindsay Lohan.? She turns 21 today, and as expected she’s already drunk.? Thankfully, she doesn’t have to use Nicole Richie’s fake ID anymore.

– Ah, seems that Spice Girls reunion tour might not be so copacetic after all.

– I think Danny Tanner needs to rein in his middle daughter, Stefanie.? Cause what the hell happened to her?

– Some first look pics of Harrison Ford and Shia LeBeouf on the set of Indy 4.

– Seems like you might have waited for iPhone version 2.? After the hype and long lines, looks like there were some problems activating the phone. ? But it’s not Apple’s fault, certainly not Stevie Jobs, it was all on AT&T’s end.

Sen. Barack Obama raised about $32.5 million from April to June.? Looks like he’s slowly turning into a money making machine to compete with Hillary. ? In the long run, it looks like the Democratic race certainly will be a two person race.

– Not to keep getting all iLove on you, but Universal Vivendi, the world’s largest music company, you know for folks who still buy cds and stuff, says that it’s not going to sign a long term deal with Apple’s iTunes.? Elsewhere, Steve Jobs was seen twirling his mustache and going “Mwahahahahahahaha,” knowing full well that the Universal Music Group will eventually have to sign a deal with iTunes.

P. Diddy says he can’t outparty Prince Harry.? And we say, Prince Harry is just entering the prime of his partying career. ? Also, the two Princes, not to be confused with the Spin Doctors song, threw a giant concert in honor of the tenth anniversary of their mum’s death.

Sen. Joe Biden tells black people to get tested for A.I.D.S.? Oh, and it’s manly to wear a condom.? White people everywhere were like, “hey what about us?? We want to get tested too!”

– Can you dig it?? I’m talking ’bout – shut yo mouth.? Richard Roundtree has joined the cast of the Wachowski Brother’s Speed Racer.? He’ll play an ex-racer turned commentator.

– Though we’re sad that Princess Diana died ten years ago, we’re celebrating the birth of Radiohead’s classic Ok Computer.? It was released on July 1, 1997 and was responsible for the monster known as Thom Yorke.? Ok, not really, but still it’s a damn good album and yesterday should officially be declared Ok Computer Day.? That’s what I would do if I were president.? Music By Day has a look back at the album and live performances for each song, with the exception of “Fitter Happier …”

– The Rolling Stones may be the biggest rock band in the world, but Dave Matthews mumbles something inaudible.? Turns out they’re the second biggest band in the world.

– And finally, Jenny Lewis and bandmates Rilo Kiley have a decidedly 18+ vid out for their new album Under The Blacklight.? That album drops on 8.21.07 but you can check out the first video for “The Moneymaker.”? It stars your favorite porn stars audtioning for something.? You’ll have to wait through about nine minutes of verite filmmaking before getting to the musical money shot.

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  • glynner July 6, 2007, 6:34 pm

    gotta love ottis grove’s pimp juice. with a sound like that and song titles like this…they are bound to be the next big thang.