Weekend Roundup

Good morning!? Bright sunshine blasting through the windows.? Woke up “Seven Nation Army” on the radio and with that thumping bassline even half asleep I could tell it’s gonna be one hell of a day.? Unfortunately, I’ll be out of the offices for most of the day, so we’re just gonna have to bang out one big ginormous roundup of links and random stuff to keep you occupied this morning.? It’s not ideal, but hey it’s better than nothing.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer nabbed an estimated $57.4 million at the box office this weekend.? Which begs the question.? If 15 year old boys pirate their movies and steal their music then who the hell went to see this turd of a flick?

– Speaking of fantastic, the Boston Globe’s movie critic Wesley Morris had an awesome one on one with director Michael Winterbottom.? The director has made 15 films in his career and they’re all unique snowflakes.? He’s out promoting his latest A Mighty Heart, starring of all people Angelina Jolie as the wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl.? Winterbottom has made the politically charged docu-drama Road to Guantanamo, the sci-fi flick Code 41, the sex on film/concert movie 9 Songs,? and the British party movie 24 Hour Party People.? That’s just the tip of the iceberg.? His ouevre is worth digging on.

– If you’re up for debating stupid lists, well Forbes has jumped to your rescue.? Meet at the watercooler and shout out loud who you think which celebrity should be ranked where on their Celebrity 100 list. ? Johnny Depp is #6 and The Oysterites aren’t prepared to live in a world where he’s anything more than a daring actor and cultural oddity.

– HD-DVD was dealt a huge blow yesterday, when Blockbuster announced they would only carry Blu-Ray DVD.? And yes, in some circles this is treated as a big deal.? For the rest of us, we shrug out shoulders and mutter, “but we like out regular DVD players.”

– That’s Sir Salman Rushdie to you!? And Iran thinks them fighting words.? According to said country of Iran, the knighthood of author Rushdie is the equivalent of fighting against Islam.? After scratching our heads over this logic, we say Bush has a new war strategy!

– Bruce Wayne’s gonna rock a new Batsuit in the upcoming The Dark Knight.? Entertainment Weekly got the scoop and the scanned image has been floating around for a few days.? Most places think it’s kinda groovy, but we think it looks ugly.? Less like a protective suit of armor and more like a spongy set of pajamas.? It’s not “nipples on the batsuit” ugly, but it’s darn close.

-This guy got some cool looking shots of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Aaron Eckhart in their respective roles for the new flick.? We say big kudos bar to you my friend for getting these shots.

-Michael Moore’s healthcare fatwa Sicko made its pirated debut on YouTube over the weekend.? Two people posted the entire movie in 14 segments.? Get there fast before it disappears and you have to pay for it!

– Jazzman Ornette Coleman collapsed onstage at Bonnaroo over the weekend.? Our thoughts go out to him as he recovers from heat exhaustion and the scent of hippie patchouli.

-In case you couldn’t make it down to Tennessee for the four-day Bonnaroo music festival, the boys over at Stereogum have you covered.

– Former Broken Social Scenester Leslie Feist has released one of our favorite albums this year.? Feist’s The Reminder is scrumtulescent and she recently dropped by NPR’s Weekend Edition.? Check out her appearance here.

-Not to be outdone Ryan Adams along with backing band The Cardinals dropped by NPR’s World Cafe and Heather from I Am Friends, You Are Fuel has all the deets.? She’s even taken the time to collect all the tracks for you aural pleasure.

-Not to be outdone by herself, Heather also has an awesome look back at the 40th Anniversary of the famed Monterrey Pop Festival.? It was the first major U.S. music festival, coming just a few weeks after The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper’s.? It also marked the first major performances for Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Otis Redding.? Not bad for the $1 admission price.? What I adore about Heather is that she takes the time to get you the music.

– George Michael believes he hasn’t been taken seriously as a musician in the U.S. since his 1998 arrest for lewd behavior with some dude in a public bathhouse.? He’d be right about that, but he probably also forgot he was in Wham!

– Democrats are pushing a plan to channel oil subsidies into renewable resources.

– Though the story has been pushed off the front pages, thankfully The Washington Post continues to focus on the mishappenings at Walter Reed Medical Center.? If the government is sending soldiers into combat then said government should be prepared to offer them the very best medical and mental treatments when those soldiers return home.? We’re just saying, that’s all.

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