Weekend Roundup

How about that March Madness?? It’s been fairly tame this year and that makes us feel sad.? No big upsets, no big buzzer beaters.? 300 was tops at the box office, raking in another $30 million.? St. Patty’s Day was sort of a bust too.? We’ve decided it might be the worst holiday to go out to the bars.? Not putting it on the level of suckitude as say, New Year’s Eve, but honestly I can’t think of another holiday were everyone goes out.? My local pubs charge me money to drink and I have to stand elbow to elbow with a bunch of yahoos.? And yes, I sound like an old man complaining but if I have to pay to drink, then I want to be able to easily get a beer at the bar and not fight through crowds.? Am I alone here?

  • Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are rolling out the fuzz!? According to AICN, the duo behind cult-fav Shaun of the Dead are bringing their latest flick, Hot Fuzz, about British cops, to the masses.? If you’re in Boston, the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square has the goods.? The week long celebration culminates on March 25 with a screening of the movie, followed by a Q&A.? Also all week long, the Brattle will be screening classic cop flicks like Hard-Boiled, Bullitt, Lethal Weapon, and Electra Glide in Blue.
  • Alex Trebek has never had a match in 23 years like the one last Friday.? For the first time in Jeopardy’s history it ended in a three-way tie.? That’s right, all three contestants finished with $16,000.? Though mathematicians estimated the odds of this happening to be 25 million-t0-1, some suspect it was all due to defending champion Scott Weiss.? Weiss, rather than betting enough to win apparantly decided to bet enough to tie during Final Jeopardy.
  • NYPD arrested 21 people over the weekend during a high school basketball game.? A brawl broke out in the stands and meandered into the streets of Times Square.? Girls were slapping boys, boys were hitting them back and then the cops got in on the action and beat down some folks with their batons.? Times Squares is 10 frakking blocks away from MSG!? Ten blocks!? How in the holy hell did they get from MSG to Times Square?????????? By the by love the use of the news report’s use of the words “spilled.”? As if it was like, “whoops sorry didn’t mean to take this fight ten blocks away.? My bad.”? Anyway Lincoln High beat rival Boys & Girls 77-50.? Sebastian Telfair would be so proud.
  • Happy Birthday to you!? Happy Birthday to you!? Happy Birthday dear Iraqi War, happy birthday to you.? Yes, the Iraqi War officially turned four years old over the weekend.? So how do the Iraqis feel about it?? Apparantly not well, according to the Washington Post.
  • Didn’t make it down to Austin for SXSW?? Neither did we.? But Stereogum is there and they’ve got some great coverage of the music festival.
  • Continuing our watch on the it-can’t-get-hear-fastenough for us is an interview with director Zack Snyder.? He dishes on his next project, an adaptation of the seminal Alan Moore graphic novel Watchmen.? It’s a great five minute clip courtesy of Reelz Channel.
  • You’ve seen the ads for True on Myspace.? Now get the scoop on the social dating site.
  • Did anyone catch Snow Patrol on SNL this weekend?? We didn’t.? Did Elaine dance during their performance?? And despite ruining the last shards of cred, we’ll go to bat for Snow Patrol.? Yes, they play sensitive dude rock.? But they’re Irish.? Mostly the songs that become hits suck, but the other ones aren’t too bad.? Coincidentally, the band has surpassed the frog for ringtone supremacy.? Seriously.? Though we couldn’t find the story to back this up, local radio WFNX reported that the band has opened a musician’s center in Belfast.? It’s a recording space and a place for up and coming musicians to hang with other musicians, get some studio time, etc.? Sounds cool to us.

We’re dragging this Monday morning.? It was a long night.? We couldn’t even stay up for frakking Battlestar Galactica, but we finished the episode this morning.? Dang, we hate cliffhangers.? Anyway enjoy the dose of Monday morning wake up music.

Mp3: Katrina & The Waves – I’m Walking on Sunshine

Mp3: KC and the Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes

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