Weekend Roundup

So after all the buildup for Mason Jennings and Guster, the bad news was that we missed basically Mason’s entire set.? When they said things would kick off at 7:30, I guess they really meant it.? We got there slightly late, had a few kinks to work out and then got to see like four songs by him.? Which, annoys us to no end.? Not that we missed his set, but that he was treated like an opening act.? I mean the guy went right on at 7:30 and was done by 8?? What the shit is that?? But Guster melted our faces, more than we ever would have expected.? So without further ado:

  • ?Disturbia was tops at the box office this weekend.? For the second week in a row, no less.? I guess that should be proof enough that people don’t want to be going to the movies.? Unfortunately studio execs will look at this as proof that people want a slew of Disturbia type movies.
  • Aw, crap.? I think it was Einstein who said our planet would disappear in four years once the bees disappeared.? Well, no big deal.? Except that we’ve never been able to reproduce what bees do.? Pollinate flowers and all that.? And now the bees are beginning to disappear!? Eessh.? So much for Earth Day.
  • Virginia Tech students held a moment of silence this morning.? Check out this uplifting video from VT professor and author Nicki Giovanni.? She gave hope to many students who were feeling hopeless during a memorial service last week.
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says President Bush is in denial regarding the Iraq War.? We’ll give you one guess as to who Reid thinks will show him the light.? And it’s not Jesus.
  • Somalia is falling apart.? Ever since the Islamic Militants were ousted at the beginning of the year, a tenuous situation has only grown worse.? 500,000 people have become refugees from the capitol city of Moghidishu.
  • Earth Day, smerth day… Karl Rove, if you can believe it, told global warming experts Sheryl Crow and Laurie David (Larry David’s wife) to take a hike.
  • Madonna won’t let her adopted son visit with his biological father.? But, karma’s a bitch, and Nelson Mandela told Madge to get lost when the Material Girl wanted some face time.

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