Weekend Roundup

What a weekend.? Okay so not really, unless you count watching 30 hours of NFL draft coverage a crazy weekend.? Which we did to see how the Patriots would end up selecting.? And though they did draft some college players it seems the pending arrival of wideout Randy Moss has everyone in a tizzy.? Anyway some stories for the watercooler this morning.

  • Disturbia was the number one movie at the box office this weekend.? It was an anemic weekend at the movies and theater owners are probably say to themselves, “where is everyone?”? But then they sigh and remember that Spider-Man 3 opens at midnight on Thursday and will probably make just under a bajillion-gazillion dollars.
  • Presidential hopeful, John Edwards, admits that a tax-hike to pay for health care coverage may be a possibility.? Whether you agree with him, that raising taxes for social programs, as opposed to digging the country out of Dubya’s debt, is a good thing at least he has the balls to put it on the table for discussion.? It’s like you can’t even mention raising taxes without getting your head on a guillotine in this country.
  • Condi goes on the offensive against claims made by former CIA head George Tenet.? Tenet, claims in a his new book, that the current administration never even held “serious discussions” about the ramifications for going to War with Iraq.? They just made the decision and went with it.? My only thing is where was George Tenet five years ago?? At this point it’s to little to late.
  • ? NASCAR fans got a little drunk and a little upset yesterday when Jeff “Pretty Boy” Gordon over took “The Intimidator” for sixth place on the all-time wins list.? And everywhere the mullets shook in the wind from tossed Miller High Lifes raining down from the stands.

That’s about it… what a crappy weekend.? I’m sure there was more going on, but we’re in the process of moving offices and so things are influx.

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