Weekend Roundup

Busy, busy weekend.? Lots going on between Sox games, the Kentucky Derby, a boxing fight people seemed to care about, Rocket Roger returning to the Yanks, what a weekend for sports.? And yet, we can’t help but feeling the weekend belonged to a certain web crawling spider.

  • Spider-Man 3 slung into theatres breaking a slew of records along the way.? It netted about $148 million dollars in three days.? Which means that everyone and family dog went to see this movie over the weekend.? Craisins, as the kids say these days.
  • ?France has a new leader and it’s conservative Nicolas Sarkozy.? He won with 53% of the vote and looks to improve relations with the United States, fix climate change, and boost a flagging economy that suffered under President Chirac.? Sarkozy is the first French President born after World War II.? Now that’s craisins.
  • House Minority leader Rep. John A. Boehner (R-OH) said that if things don’t get better in Iraq by September or October even Republicans will want results and a new strategy from the White House.? Sounds like there is a growing resentment from even Dubya’s own party.
  • For-nothing psuedo celeb Paris Hilton has fired her publicist in the wake of her 45 day jail sentence.? Hilton blames everything on Elliot Mintz.? Apparantly personal responsibility doesn’t extend to flaky debutantes who get busted for DUI’s.? Truth be told if this happened to a regular person, the uproar would be that 45 days in county isn’t a strict enough punishment.? Glad someone finally drew a line in the sand against Hilton’s actions.
  • According to an Australian study, absentee dad’s are to blame for fat kids.? This just in: Big Macs and Whoopers breath a huge sigh of relief.

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