Weekend Roundup

Okay, so we banged out to stories first that should have maybe come after the weekend roundup. However, we were very excited about the Joker and almost as excited about Absinthe coming stateside. We figured why wait. Anyway, it was a great but busy weekend for us around the office. Lots to do, except it rained considerably up in Boston and that’s never fun.

Went to LTK on Saturday for my lady friend’s college graduation and couldn’t recommend the place enough. Great vibe, great food in one of the soon to be gentrified areas of Boston. Makes me yearn for the industrial wasteland that was Fisherman’s Pier only five years ago. Now there’s condos, upscale restaurants and a fancy new musuem. So the weekend that was:

  • Michael Moore’s new film Sicko debuted at Cannes and word is it’s another Michael Moore film, only this time he checked his ego at the door to make an actual documentary about the US healthcare system.
  • Shrek the Third blew into theaters and rang up about $122 million in sales. I’m guessing that has a lot to do with the $122 million dollar price of movie tickets these days.
  • The Smashing Pumpkins new single ‘Tarantula’ got its debut Friday morning. It’s a non-radio rip and um, well, I’m not sure it was worth the wait. I dunno maybe it’ll grow on me like Billy’s bald head.
  • Stewart Copeland has high hopes for The Police reunion tour, which launches on Saturday. He says they’re playing all-new music, just not all new songs.
  • Now that the Sabres have been bounced from the Stanley Cup playoffs, what’s a city to do? Look forward to free summer music. Hopefully my buddies up in The Buff will have this great lineup to keep them off the ledge.
  • Belgians are actually more useful than just making chocolate, beer and waffles. Apparantly they can pull off a good Indiana Jones impression as well.
  • The bad news: The Cutty Sark ship went up in flames over the weekend. The good news: It won’t impact the availability of the scotch.
  • Seems that the Immigration deal reached by the Senate is so not cool. Apparantly no one is happy with it, although most are willing to go along with it.
  • Star Craft 2 artwork revealed. And some deets were given in a huge Q&A.
  • Thank god we freed Willy! Otherwise some producer would be thinking of making Free Willy 5.

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