Weekend Roundup

It was a nice weekend. Finally some great weather here in Boston, great for rolling down the windows and driving around.

  • 300 slayed the box office as Leonidas slayed a million Persian hordes. Not surprising that it came in at number one, but it is surprising the movie racked up almost $70 million at the box office. The good news is this means they’ll be more willing to allow Zak Snyder the chance to move forward with his Watchmen adaptation. I was frakking floored by the movie, but I’ll chime in later today with some thoughts on it.
  • Lead singer of 70’s arena rock superstars Boston, died over the weekend. Brad Delp, who also sang with the band Beatle Juice – an awesome Beatles tribute band by the by – was found dead in New Hampshire. There’s been some sadness but mostly this was just an otherwise noted blip on the radar of dead rockstars. It’s sad. Though no one would admit it, Boston was by all accounts a pretty awesome band. Though most of their songs all sounded similar they had some damn great songs and their record sales indicated as much. Steve Morse pays his respects as does Bob Lefsetz.
  • The real question in all of this is: who had the better spaceships, Boston or ELO?
  • Snoop Dogg was arrested in Sweden over the weekend. What are the odds Snoop had some illegal narcotics in his system? 3 to 2? Even money? Would you take that bet?
  • Blues Traveler frontman John Popper was arrested as well. ? Guns and drugs during a traffic stop.? Who’s next from the 93 HORDE tour?
  • Halliburton is moving their offices from Texas to Dubai. It’s a move, I’m sure that will make Dick Cheney happy, what with not having to pay taxes and adhere to American business laws. But doesn’t it sort of feel like a kick in the balls if you’re a serviceman? I’m sure they’re moving there for the new Tiger Woods golf course or the Burj Al Arab Hotel, right?
  • Gas prices rose 20 cents over the weekend. The average price for a gallon of gas is $2.55. Which is still significantly cheaper than a gallon of milk, how’s that possible?

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