Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

What a weekend. I just got into town from catching an early flight out of Buffalo. Which, besides having a hockey team win the President’s Cup and then turn in a major no show for two homes games against Ottawa in the Eastern Conference Finals, has maybe one of the worst airports ever.

Not that it’s terrible, but geez the lines were long. I rolled in around 5:30 for a 7 a.m. flight and still had to run to my gate to catch my flight. Lots of waiting in long lines.

I think at this point it goes without saying that we’ll be skipping the usual ‘Weekend Roundup.’ We’ve got part three of Scotty D’s trip through the Playboy Mansion and some other stuff lined up. It’s gonna be a slow day, since I’ve slept a total of 15 hours since Thursday. Highlights of Jay “Hands” Mallo’s bachelor party (of course my camera batteries died so sadly no photo action):

  • Saranac Brewery Tour in Utica, NY. Decent tour, but lots of free beer at the end. It doesn’t get much better than their Black Forrest Stout and root beer concoction. It’s pretty spectacular.
  • Syracuse University is throwing up buildings left and right. I haven’t been back much since graduating but I could count about five or six major new buildings either in the works or completed. I guess those sports teams are worth something afterall.
  • On that note, the beer pong table the legendary Phil Miller created is still, six years later at the same house and same room as it was when I graduated. Not only is the table pretty cool, imagine someone creating a beer pong court, complete with a half court logo and a “paint” for the beer cups. It’s great, wish I had some photos to prove it, but it’s also my image that is the half court logo, so I’m glad in twenty years I plan to go back and pull a Frank the Tank on some unsuspecting 18 year olds.
  • As “Hands” Mallo likes to call it, it’s a tradition to play a few games of “Whiffle Ball Bat” where ever we go to. Good buddy, and new dad, Stewie always carries a Whiffle Ball and bat with him, so we try to find a cool location to play a few innings. This time around we played at the Saranac Brewery. Not a bad place to play – even if I felt like at any given moment I could end up like Ricky from Boyz’N’the Hood.
  • The Cuse has some fantastic bars including The Blue Tusk, which may be too cool for school. Lots of dank brews and lots of dank eats. A great record store, The Sound Garden, that’s still going strong. And of course, the legendary Dinosaur BBQ.

MP3: John Sebastian – Welcome Back (Theme from ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’)

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