When Presidential photo ops go wrong

You almost feel bad for some politicians sometimes.? Not often, though.? At an Oct. 6 campaign stop in NH, Mitt Romney was approached by a young man in a wheel chair and began his story about medical marijuana.

Clayton Holton of Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana asks the former Gov. of Massachusetts, and one of the leading Republican presidential candidates (don’t even get me started I’m still trying to figure out how he got elected as governor of Massachusetts), if he will have seriously ill patients like himself arrested for using medical marijuana with their doctor’s approval.? Romney doesn’t answer the question and turns his back on Clayton.

Now I know we’re feeding into the publicity beast on this one by showing the video.? It’s bad enough Romney got sandbagged, since afterall if he answers the question he’ll either be branded as supporting marijuana use or made to look like a jackass for walking out on a guy in a wheel chair.? Fortunately Romney choose to look like a jackass instead of just giving the guy an answer.

I hope some reporters get Romney’s side of the story.? And I’d love to hear Clayton’s side and whether or not he was used as a pawn or if this was his own stunt.

Either way, it makes us wonder about what other political photo ops have gone bad and whether or not FOX would have any interest in running this as a nightly show a la Cops.? Just remember it was our idea first.

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