Wikipedia falling apart?

Wired has an interesting look at the Wikimedia Foundation, responsible for running the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.? Several employees have left to start competing services, with the added emphasis on making sure the content is accurate and protected from possible vandals.? It’s not a terribly indepth article, but what struck me was one source’s account of working at the Wikimedia Foundation as a cross between “Myspace and As the World Turns for geeks.”

Citizendium and Veropedia are up to the challenge of knocking the internet’s leading Encyclopedia off its perch.? But if that’s the case will anyone believe them when they do? ? The problem with both sites, despite their honorable intentions, is that there is little to distinguish them from Wikipedia.? And most people assume that Wikipedia is something akin to 90% accurate and therefore good enough.? It’s unfortunate, but so much of the internet relies more on perception and less on content.

We say good luck to the new adventures, it looks like they’ll need it to attract a wider audience.

You know it’s never good when an article on Rene Descartes contains an attributed quote from the Dilbert Blog.

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