Yee-Haw! Gotta love them crazy White Trash

Let’s start by throwing out a disclaimer.? I’m from Boston.? Lived practically my entire life in the city’s vicinity.? I spent some time growing up in Indiana, went to college in upstate New York and lived down in Charleston, S.C. for a year.? And because of that people think I have a Canadian accent.? Go figure.? But in all honesty I love the south.? I don’t think Southerners are hillbilly’s or anything.? The food is great, the music is great, the landscape is breathtaking and the folks are real friendly in a way Northerners never will be.? Plus there’s horseshoe pits all over, great weather and the best bar ever in Ashville, N.C. ?

With that in mind, the lady in this news story is clearly a crazy bitch.? It’s kinda sad if it weren’t so dang funny.? Anyone who voluntarily throws boric acid in their hair and eats it, I guess not to mention on their neighbors, is more than a few fries short of a happy meal, they’ve clearly entered the Mike Tyson Zone.

Anyway her antics reminded me of the opening from the criminally underrated Richard Linklater film, “A Scanner Darkly.”? Check them out and compare for yourself.? By the by if you haven’t seen “A Scanner Darkly” it’s certainly worth the watch, if for nothing else than for the comedy stylings of Robert Downey Jr. and Woody Harrelson.

And the crazy guy from “A Scanner Darkly.”? What say you does the racist lady take too much substance D?

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