Big Willie Style

I missed this last night.? More pressing matters.? But apparantly Bill Clinton showed up and did his thing, which is be a politician.? Perhaps the most skilled politician at connecting with people we have ever witnessed.? I always loved the story of how Clinton would never forget a name or some tiny detail about a person, his memory so great he could recall that tiny detail and your name several years after making your acquaintance for but the briefest moment.

A politician and a wonk.

From the WaPo:

Only a day earlier, when there was some unease among Clinton’s associates about whether he was being straitjacketed in what he could say in his speech, Obama tried to defuse the situation by saying Clinton could say whatever he wanted. Good call, as it turned out. Perhaps not even Obama himself could have conjured up an oration so powerful on his behalf. Not only did Clinton utter the words “Barack Obama” 15 times, they came in his first sentence and his last, and there were long riffs about the candidate in between.

At the start of the speech, Clinton joked that it seemed unfair that he had to follow the previous night’s address by his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who many believed had delivered the most flowing and soulful speech of her failed campaign. Fat chance. Clinton is always competitive, even in some ways with his wife, and the praise she received seemed almost to prod him to find ways to top her.

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