C’mon McCain you can do better

At a certain point it seems like John McCain has just lost it. We know he has anger management issues, and heretofore they have been sadly absent from the campaign. Until know. It’s not something he did, per say, but his new ad equating Barack Obama with the shallowness of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton is the equivalent of John McCain blowing a gasket.

Obama is getting showered with love from the people (even if he’s not as popular as Britney or Paris), not necessarily the media, and McCain can’t stand it. It also doesn’t help that Obama has largely ignored McCain on the campaign. He acts as if McCain is inconsequential to his march to the White House. Nothing more than a pesky mosquito, who only needs to be dealt with when said mosquito annoying tries to suck some blood.

Obama, by largely ignoring McCain, is in his head.

Ultimately, you’ve got to wonder if the notion of Obama’s “youth” and “inexperience” are actually holding weight for people. He’s older than Bill Clinton when they both ran for the White House and JFK only served one term in the Senate as well. The thing is, I’m not sure that age and experience are factors that determine who makes a good president.

Afterall, while John McCain was a NAVY POW in Vietnam, graduated at the bottom of his class, doesn’t know anything about the internet, is staunchly anti-reproductive rights, seems to get confused on the campaign trail, is older than dirt and has served a lifetime in the Senate, I couldn’t tell you a single accomplishment he has had, except the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Bill, um, which he’s broken this year. Also, he didn’t vote to make Martin Luther King Day a national holiday several times during the 80’s.

Just thought I’d point that out. So in a sense, what exactly makes John McCain a qualified candidate for president? Why is no asking this question, when they seem so ready to ask it of Obama.

Is there such a thing as a Commander-In-Chief test that Obama hasn’t passed? Look, I’m not an Obama acolyte, I’d be this excited to vote for Clinton if she had won the nomination, it just seems that there is an inherent racism going on.

If Obama were entirely white (you know because he’s not entirely black coming from a mixed racial background) would people be asking these questions of him? No, they would probably championing his credentials in the same ways they praised Clinton or JFK.

One commenter on Hollywood-Elsewhere put it best: “yet the guy who graduated from the top of his class, was a law professor, a community organizer, a state senator and headed up Harvard Law review and wrote two books (no ghost writer) is not smart enough/fit to be president?

“I’m not someone who scream racism all the time but hello contrary to what Geraldine Ferraro says if Barack were white his “inexperience” and age would be a non-issue. He is older than clinton was when he ran. JKF and Edwards both served only term before they ran.

“I think some people can’t believe that this “uppity negro” beat the clinton machine “how dare he!” and might actually become president.”

That’s what this comes down to. Whether we admit it or not racism is playing a huge problem on this campaign.

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