Convention word clouds

One of the things I wanted to do after the conventions is creat word clouds of the major speeches to see what words or phrases were used prominently during the Democratic and Republican concentions. ?Now that both parties conventions have concluded, I got caught up in MusicFest Northwest and Wired Magazine beat me to the punch. ?Still, it’s interesting to see what Wordle can do with any given amount of text. ?

Just looking through their gallery you notice that both Barack Obama and John McCain’s names were mentioned quite a bit; Republicans loved to mention country and America, though POW was notably absent. ?As for Democrats they seemed like like future, hope, and promise; surprisingly change was not prominent. ?Again, neith of these facts are that surprising, given the campaigns they’ve built. ?But it’s interesting nonetheless. ?

Barack Obama

John McCain

Wordle is an online application created by IBM’s senior software engineer?Jonathan Feinberg. Using text entered by its users, it creates visually appealing “word clouds” that show you the frequency at which words occur within that text. The more often a word occurs, the bigger it appears in the cloud.

Wired has word clouds for all the major speeches including Joe Biden, Sarah Palin, and others.

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